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Teach a child to read at home

Unless you have a teaching background or an abundance of patience, then teaching a child to read might not come easy. Here are the tips below that might give some insight into how to teach your child to read at home:

1) Find a comfortable environment for your child. Loud noises in the background will distract your little one easily.

2) Prepare the resources before the reading session. Remember your child attention is short so make full use of it.

3) Equip yourself with ‘phonics knowledge’. Phonics is using sound recognition instead of letter names. 

4) Read to your child every night. Start with books with only few words so the child recognizes the common words such as the, a, and.

5) Plenty of colours and pictures with big bold letters either in flashcards or books. 

6) Give a lot of praise and encouragement to your child to build up his confidence.

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